Activities & Adventures


Enjoyment of the fishing side
We have access to 46 lakes, and you can enjoy fishing in many different environments.
The nature is wood and wilderness-land and the most usual fishs are Pike, Perch and
Salmon trout. Here is also growing Pikeperch, bream, the well-known Salmon and Salmon Trout.

Favourite fishing

Salmon and Salmon Trout weigh about 3-4 kilo, and up to 10 kilo catch. Pike weigh up to 10 kilo, normally is about 2-3 kilo. Pikeperch is an excellent dinner fish. Fish round 6-7 kilo catches annually. Whiting like Bream, Tender can angle.

Beaver safari

Go to a guide trip and experience the beaver in their right environment.


A Beaver is approx: 110cm long and weigh around 30kg. The tail is flat, the leg are short. The Beaver eats in most cases bark and aspen even birch and sallow. He fell tree quick with his front teeth. The hut is build with clay, moss branch and log. The entrance is under he water that is because the Beaver design pond so the entrance will stay under the water. In our, they have 1-4 in a litter.

Wilderness safari

Through endless woodland, passing brook and lakes, far away from the tourist-way.
If you lucky we'll se Elk, Beaver, and trace after wolf.
Enjoy the silence.